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Title: Tatino

Date: May-Jun 2018

Place of completion: Tehran, Iran

I got into “Femtech” field specifically designed for female health by getting involved in Tatino project. The first question we needed to find an answer was “what are the actual necessities of new-gen mothers while suitable services are not offered yet.  Furthermore, it was important for us to know how do mothers experience this big change in their own life and what are their feeling towards pre-pregnancy, pregnancy itself and afterward. Our final question was “how does the technology can improve the experience of the feelings of mothers?”

Tatino is an interactive chatbot which is aimed to pave the way for mothers to prepare for the maternal role without the fear of being judged and physical and psychological changes. We as a team of Dayavent (Sharzad, Sheida and me) worked on this outsource project which led to a startup in Femtech.

My main contributions were user research and benchmarking in the phase of creation and exploration of this product.


In the initial step, we started with desk research about market trends(local and global). We tried to explore and analyze the products and services related to pregnancy.

In the second step after desk research, we did a group interview including 10 women who have experienced the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. Additionally, we held the co-creation workshop on a better understanding of mothers needs and feelings.

The majority proportion of mothers used to share their attitude, feelings, and moods in their joined groups of Telegram (popular messenger app in Iran). Many mothers think that the online world is abridged in Telegram and most of the virtual platforms like web are unknown. In regard to this fact, we worked on a concept based on the mobile platform. We utilized 6 distinctive concepts as an output of SWOT analysis co-worked with our employer to consider for every step of prototyping.

Considering the three selected concepts, final prototype was designed on the basis of chat-bot technology which provides intimate interaction and communication with modern with a role of sincere accompany and trustable to give them the expert and scientific answers. Mothers anywhere anytime can quest their unclear issues, questions and problems and chatbot provide them smart and practical solutions. We gathered the answers by consultation with obstetricians and midwifes. To mention another feature of the chatbot, they can create their story, memorial photos, and timeline of the pregnancy experience.