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Title: Sarı Sayfalar

Date: October 2018 – Jan 2019

Place of completion: Ankara, Turkey

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT is the first and leading science park based in Middle East University (English acronym as METU). In Teknokent scientists, students and fresh graduates with the financial support of companies get involved to realize the initiatives. However, this great potential place of launching new added-value businesses has many challenges and flaws.

While Teknokent and faculties are physically almost near to each other, but the relationship between companies and students has not come to a mature level yet. Finding suitable job positions matched with the skill of METU students in Teknokent is not fluid and professional. Teknokent has the fame of “engineering background workplace with a very limited job offer for other fields of science and arts”. Further, companies active in Teknokent have the desire of employing METU students but finding the right talent impose more time and financial cost on companies.

To bridge this gap, we worked as a team titled SARI SAYFALAR (named abridged from the popular job announcement magazine in Turkey ) in course of service design under coach of Seda Ozcetin. The service design course is offered by the Department of Industrial Design in METU as pioneer industrial design academic department in Turkey. Our service research and prototype project was presented in details to the jury and we received an excellent mark and even invitation to run in practice world.

Our Team: Barış Bumin, Melis Dursun, Serenay Tosun and Bahareh Vahidian

This project is nominated by the jury to implement for METU.


We started our design process with this question:

“ How can we familiarize METU students with Teknokent companies aiming to offer them more accessibility and guidance in the recruitment process?” Regarding this question, we conducted an online survey and interview with different stakeholders. 

After the interview, we mapped the current interaction and the shared-value of stakeholders.

By analyzing data such as the survey, interviews, Autoethnography, and stakeholder map, we created personas for every group and then we mapped the journey of students who are seeking for a job position.

At the beginning of the creation phase, we summed up the exploration stage with high consideration of red blocks.   

In the concept developing stage, we worked on a product-service system to improve the experience enjoyable in order to decrease students’ psychological pressure. In addition, we tried to create an interactive physical space between companies and students in each faculty with the aim of creating more communication opportunity.

Sarı sayfalar application features for both companies and students. 

We create our physical product named “job box” to help students by holding a virtual meeting with career center counselors to get feedbacks on students CV or cover letters. In addition, we set aboard as an interactive place for students to write their wishes, opinion in the recruitment process. Moreover, each company could book event space for their meeting with students.

In our final journey map, we added new stages like “preparation” and “relationship”. In the relationship stage, we tried to design a new model of relationship (long-term) between students and companies. For further development, we will add feedback feature to the application to help students to understand why they rejected and how they can develop their skills and knowledge.