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Title: Delino

Date: Oct 2017 –  Sep 2018

Place of completion: Tehran, Iran

Although Iranian people are interested in online food ordering and this fashion is increasing but still, this service has remained in its infant stage. Delino as an online food ordering startup in Iran with the inherent competitive advantage (direct connection with the market leader software for restaurants leading to time efficiency of delivery) had the setback of user retention. Regarding this issue, our design team decided to redesign the user experience and business model of Delino in order to create sustainable added value.

In this project I contributed as R&D member and my main tasks were working on user research and conducting a usability test.

To follow the non-disclosure agreement(NDA) rule, the further details of the project are not revealed.



To explore the preferences and lifestyle of users we employed the deep interview method choosing 6 characters based on variables such as online life, price sensitivity, healthy diet, comfort, and diversity.

Regarding mentioned variables we did 4 interviews at the user’s home (120 min) and 2 interviews at the user’s workplace(60 min).

During this project, we utilized multiple techniques and tools to collect data. One of the used techniques was cultural probes. We asked users to share their emotions toward routine activities showing with words and emojis.

In order to monitor where users encounter problems and experience confusion, we did two usability test sessions then users were asked to complete tasks, typically while they were being observed by a researcher.

After the analysis of data related to the discovery stage, we figured out some interesting insights. To develop more concepts and Ideas, we use brainstorming and six-hat thinking techniques by inviting other teams like marketing, product, and support.

One of the research insight developed by product team was “finding delicious food in minimum time” regarding this insight, we improved filters and sorting options.

In addition, we suggested adding Business Intelligence into firm’s chart to analyze the data of orders from different districts and zones of Tehran so that we can suggest smartly to restaurants (as our partners) to customize their marketing campaigns regarding the interest of users.